BUFFALO, NY - Jan 2, 2024 - US Glove Supply, a pioneer in the glove manufacturing industry, proudly announces the successful completion of Phase 1 of its state-of-the-art nitrile glove plant, a monumental achievement in the wake of global demand surges and supply chain disruptions. This $250 million venture marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to addressing the critical shortage of essential medical supplies. Located in Buffalo, New York, the newly operational facility boasts the most advanced and fully automated nitrile glove dipping line in the United States. With cutting-edge technology imported from Malaysia, the plant represents a paradigm shift in domestic glove production, aligning with the company's dedication to innovation and self-sufficiency.

Key Highlights of the US Glove Supply Nitrile Glove Plant:

  • Automated Excellence: The facility currently features a high-speed dipping line that is fully automated and can produce a million gloves a day. Setting new industry standards for efficiency and precision. This technological marvel is the first of its kind in the United States, delivering unmatched quality in nitrile glove production.
  • Scale and Impact: Upon completion of the entire project, the plant will house an impressive total of 22 dipping lines, enabling the production of over 6 billion gloves annually. This scale not only addresses the immediate demand for medical-grade gloves but also positions US Glove Supply as a national leader in glove manufacturing.
  • Job Creation: The ambitious project is not only a triumph for the industry but also a boost to the local economy. At full capacity, over 700 jobs will be created, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the community's prosperity.

Leon Freddy, co-founder of US Glove Supply, expressed his pride in achieving this remarkable milestone: "As we witness the successful operation of our Phase 1 plant, we are not only meeting the critical demand for nitrile gloves but setting the standard for excellence in domestic production. Our commitment to innovation, self-funding, and creating jobs underscores our dedication to a resilient and self-reliant future."

The company invites interested parties and stakeholders to witness this historical moment and learn more about US Glove Supply's groundbreaking initiatives by visiting www.glovesupply.us

About US Glove Supply

US Glove Supply is a pioneering force in the glove manufacturing industry, committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for essential medical supplies. With a focus on self-sufficiency and cutting-edge technology, the company is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of glove production in the United States.

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